Source : GNOCCHI VEGAN | Sain & Facile - Lloyd Lang

This took 2 hours and a half to prepare - altough I was slow at the beginning. It’s enough for 5 people.


  • 1kg of potatoes
  • 350g flour


  • Cook the potatoes using a steam cooker.
  • Mash them in a large bowl, until you can’t find little potato chunks. Don’t mix for too long - It’ll make the gnocchis too elastic.
  • Add in the flour, and mix until it’s getting too hard.
  • Put the dough on a flat surface, and use your hands to finish mixing it, forming a large cylinder.
  • Cut roughly 2cm slices, molding them into longer cylinders. Cut each cylinder into small pieces - about a bite size.
  • Use a fork to imprint the stripes of a gnocchi into each piece.
  • Put the gnocchis into boiling water ; they’ll cook in a few minutes if not less. You’ll know they’re ready when they come up to the surface.
  • [Optional] Put the gnocchis into a large pan, with a bit of olive oil,


The gnocchis were good - but not that great when eaten alone. Adding a bit of tomato sauce on top was a game changer.

Overall, I’d give them a 4.25/5.