This was a short CTF (48h), a format that I like since it doesn’t eat up too much of my time. I enjoyed it with my friends: Lukho, R0ck3t and Volker. We registered a team on CTFTime: Root Root.

We ranked 4th out of 197 teams, scoring 6935 points. And I personnaly ranked 6th, scoring 3775 points and completing 19 challenges!

Here are the challenges that I completed or spent time on, with links to my writeups:

I think I improved quite a bit compared to my previous CTF, but I’m still not good enough at binary exploitation and reverse engineering ; I should have been a lot quicker for many challenges. That would have meant more time to discover the lab, which I didn’t really have time for. Guess I’ll go back to root-me for now!


The teams scoreboard: The scoreboard showing the top teams

The players scoreboard: The scoreboard showing the top players

My CTFd profile: My CTFd profile showing the challenges I completed