Hi! I’m Nicolas Bourras, aka vivescere - a french student learning computer science at the Aix-Marseille university. I’ll be starting my fifth and final year in september 2021.

I love cycling, programming, photography and more recently I started getting into cooking as well. I’m also vegan.

I mainly program in Rust these days, but I also regularly use Dart (with flutter) and python. I have experience with a fairly large number of languages, so don’t hesitate to ask me about them.

You can find me online :

Want to contact me? Send me an email at contact@nicolasb.fr.

What I’ve been working on

This section is a bit empty for now - I’ve done a lot of school projets that aren’t good enough to be here.

CTF - Cyber Threat Force

I also wrote an article on this CTF, which you can read here. My team ranked fourth, and I ranked sixth!

CTF - DG’hAck

I wrote an article on this CTF, which you can read here. It’s complete with writeups for 14 challenges, out of the 16 I’ve completed.

I ranked first out of all the students ; there was only 3 challenges that I didn’t manage to solve, I still need to get better at reverse engineering / binary exploitation!

CTF - DGSE - Brigitte Friang

My first CTF! I ranked 61 ouf of 785 teams, while being alone. It was a great learning experience.

Introduction to Flutter

View the playlist on youtube

This series of videos (in french) was an attempt at teaching Flutter, a framework made by Google which is used to create mobile applications. Unfortunately, it didn’t go very far because I started working on some other projects.

Beacon (2016)

View the application on the play store

NOTE: the application was taken offline for a while, because I have to update it so that it remains compliant with the Play Store policy.

This application allows an athlete (or anyone who wants to, really) to share their location in realtime.

I use it to stay safe when I go cycling. Sometimes you go out for a really long time, and knowing that the contacts you chose can check on you in a few seconds really lifts a weight off your shoulders.